​Robert MacNeil


Preferred equipment choices include Pentax 645Z Medium Format Cameras & Rotolight LED lighting Systems

Robert MacNeil

Acclaimed Canadian Fashion and Art photographer Robert MacNeil has managed to squeeze a lifetime’s career into just over 4 years. Making up for lost time lost due to a career changing car accident years ago. Robert picked up his first digital camera in late 2013 and began a new chapter in his life. In this time he has appeared in 500+ magazines around the world including multiple covers. His proudest achievements include having is work showcased at two of North America’s largest art and photography events two years in a row. The Scotiabank Contact Photo Festival and Nuit Blanche both showcased his “Inizio” abstract series and his “Glow of night” street photography series, however his greatest passion is fashion photography.
Robert’s style has been called Ethereal, dreamlike and immensely creative and colourful by many magazines around the world.  Robert continually states he is in search of fluidity within his images, that feeling of light and colour flowing peacefully from the images into the viewer’s subconscious.

Photo by Stephanie Da Silva
Robert is also a regular contributor and writer for Britain's Creative Digest and Beauy & Ruin Magazine. He is continually trying to aid new photographers and models into the creative world with his life and professional experiences.
Shoot Me Magazine
Noctis Magazine
Femme Modern
Personality, style and vision makes Robert MacNeil a creative Master, leaving you always wondering what's next but never disappointing. Femme Modern Magazine is always please to showcase his creative masterpieces"
Femme Modern Magazine (Canada)
"Brilliant, Bright & Colourful...Robert MacNeil is one of our favourite artists not only for his art, as his charisma overflows his character as much as his beautiful images.
Shoot Me Magazine (Greece)
"With a passion and a dream Robert MacNeil beautifully captures the wonders of the world
Noctis Magazine (London, UK)